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What minimum equipment do you need to start in stock photography?

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Suggested Starting Equipment:*

  1. DSLR camera. Having this immediately will greatly improve your chances of getting it SS & IS
  2. Best Glass you can afford. A combination of 18-55, 50  and 55-250 range will get you started.
  3. Desktop Computer with the fastest internet connection you can afford: Broadband, Cable etc.
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. External Computer Drives for Storage and Back-Ups. Terrabyte drives have come down to less than $135
  6. Large Monitors for your desktop. Larger the better. Be sure and calibrate them.
  7. Tripod
  8. Extra Batteries for your camera
  9. Large CF or SD memory cards for your Camera. Have at least two. Faster the better.
  10. External Flash

*If you are on a shoe-string budget it is possible to make substitutions. It is also possible to go without some of these depending on what you shoot. However, having these pieces of equipment from the start will save you many potential headaches in the long run.

Best of Luck !